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3 years iPhone, 4 years android and now back to iPhone!

May 12, 2015


First I want you to know that this is only a user experience statement and nothing technical or scientific.

I actually switched back because I got so frustrated with all android devices available on the market right now … I hate samsung touchwiz even if a lot better in s6, I love htc one but camera sucks and heat issues turned me off.

It’s worth mentioning that I was so excited about nexus 6 but when it was released size, camera, and screen color tones were all the recipe of disappointment to me. 

I wanted to experience what was already the leader of them all and according to sales numbers still is. So I decided to buy an iPhone 6 and it’s been only 7 days with it .

I am so much into google services and I knew I would miss a lot if I make the switch to iPhone after all these years but learned from different reviewers on the web that actually google apps work great on iPhone , some actually work better than their android counterparts. 

As soon as I got the iPhone I created a new note to type on the things I like in iPhone over android and another one for things I miss from android and decided to share them all with you right now. 

Things I like about iPhone 6:

  • Screen : Although screen resolution is not the best in the market but the display quality is far better than anything I have ever tried and it does not consume a lot of battery like others.
  • Today in notifications which displays day and date, weather conditions, calendar events of today, reminders, and other widgets that you can arrangešŸ‘‡šŸ¼
  • Mail app : now android has awesome email applications that does the same job but iOS mail app performs like nothing else, maybe it’s the simplicity or the animations but it is the best mobile email experience I have ever had , I actually found joy reading and arranging my mail messages instead of getting bored like I used to. It displays the message in the entire screen with awesome text wrap and images look stunning. Pinch to zoom is always there as well.
  • Control center : android does have toggles and buttons with two finger swipe instead of one and it does work great but control center is a different story. It’s sleeping below the screen and has this   and the fact that you cannot customize this a lot also has the benefit that everything is where it should be every time you swipe up , it has everything I need quick access to but only what I need quick access to.
  • Notification System : this is a big story here, notifications are not working like android at all they are a lot faster and gives you the buzz even before the app updates , for instance Facebook notifications actually come to Notification Center and when you launch the app they appear a couple seconds later inside the app . It’s like the phone told you that somebody sent you something launch the app to refresh and read. On android it’s the other way around , the app tells your phone that somebody sent you something and your phone tells you the app is saying so. 
  • Keyboard : now that iOS supports third party keyboards this was one of the selling points to me but when I got the device in my hands and tried some of them out there I found that iPhone stock keyboard is the most elegant and the most reliable on screen keyboard of everything I have ever experienced. It actually adopt to the app you are in and change some stuff accordingly hash tags are close when you are tweeting and .com is there when you are browsing. It is elegantly smart.
  • iMessage : another messaging app that is again so elegant and smart enough to send free messages when the one on the other end has an apple device.
  • FaceTime : you can make audio or video calls through FaceTime that actually outperforms any other similar service.
  • Animations and touch responsiveness:  just amazing. 
  • Camera : best mobile camera ever.
  • Gallery : this is one of the most beautiful galleries in the world and family sharing work awesome when you have your family members added you can share specific albums with them, a social network for family members.
  • Integration: this has todo with everything above, when you are in messaging or the dialer, when you are browsing the web or typing a note , even when using a third party app the look and feel of the software stays the same and so well integrated with everything else.
  • Every app has to stick to Apple notification system That’s why all notifications work the same.
  • Google apps does work better far better on iOS than their android counterparts 
  • Speakers is actually louder and clearer than my old htc m7

Things I miss from Android 

  • WhatsApp Web.

Yes that’s it 

I am actually so happy I am back to iOS 

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